Natal Bus Station

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Address: Avenida Capitão Mor Gouveia, 1597
Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, Natal, RN
Zip Code: 59060-971

Phone: +55 (84) 3205-2931

All about the Natal Bus Station


  • parking Lot

    With 200 parking spots, it is open 24 hours and the values range: 1 hour: R$ 2.25 A mouth: R$ 60.00

  • ATMs

    The ATMs available are: 24 hours Bank in the main lobby of the terminal.

  • Restrooms

    Two toilets are available at the terminal, one female and one male, with 10 cabins each.

  • Accessibility

    The terminal is adapted to receive passengers with special needs, providing stretchers, wheelchairs and transhipment chairs.

  • Lost and Found

    Stays close to the terminal administration, during business hours. Telephone: +55 (84) 3205-2931 ou (84) 3205-2922

  • Information Counter

    It´s placed near the landing sector. Telephone: +55 (84) 3205-2931 ou (84) 3205-2922

  • Baggage Storage

    It works 24 hours and the values of cabinets vary according to the amount of luggage, between R$ 2,50 and R$ 5,00. Telephone: +55 (84) 3205-2931 ou (84) 3205-2922

All about Natal

Rio Grande do Norte’s capital is called “city of the sun”, thanks to it’s hot summer days, that are enjoyed on it’s beaches, natural pools and sand dunes. Jeep rides are classic entertainment options, such as the fort visit and the historic constructions sites. Diving is also a good option, once Natal has a rich marine life.