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Find out how to enjoy the Carnival in Brazil by bus

Carnival is joy, fun, music, costumes, parades and laughter. It started to celebrate the beginning of Lent by the Catholic Church - 40 consecutive days of fasting - eventually became the biggest party in Brazil! Well, the Brazilians are known for celebrating this date very well.

The country stops every year for Carnival, each region celebrates on its way according to their culture and customs, which are reflected in the songs, marches, parades, costumes and cuisine.

Since it’s an important date and highly valued by Brazilians, everyone travels looking for the fun. The cities that stand out for an incredible Carnival are: Salvador, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Ouro Preto, Paraty among many others.

Brasil by Bus will give you tips on what to enjoy in Brazil, how to buy your bus tickets and how to make your Carnival trip even cheaper and more enjoyable.