Fortaleza Bus Station - CE

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Address: Avenida Borges de Melo,1630
Fátima, Fortaleza, CE
Zip Code: 60415-762

Phone: +55(85) 3256-2200

All about the Fortaleza Bus Station - CE


  • Taxi

    Cooperativa Cootaxi : +55 (85) 3256-6532 Cooperativa Coopertrol: +55 (85) 3256-5711

  • Parking Lot

    The parking lot is open 24 hours and has 220 parking spot. Prices range from R$ 2.30 to R$ 6.00.

  • Food service

    Cafes, snack bars, restaurants and ice cream parlors are the options for users.

  • Restrooms

    To use the toilets a fee of £ 0.75 and for bathing, US $ 2.00 is charged.

  • Accessibility

    The bus station is adapted to suit disabled people with wheelchairs , stretchers , ramps and many other equipment in case of need.

  • Lost and found

    Works with the Administration of the terminal during business hours . Telephone: +55 (85) 3230-1111

  • Baggage Storage

    Works in the main lobby throughout the day. The values vary with the volume of luggage and go from R$ 3.10 to R$ 6.20

  • Visitor’s information

    Located in the main lobby of the terminal, runs 24 hours . Telephone: +55 (85) 3256-2200 / (85) 3230-1111 / (85) 3256-2040

All about Fortaleza

Ceara’s capital receives a lot of tourists thanks to it’s beautiful beaches. Fortaleza was four times the destiny most searched for tourists, because of it’s large costal area and of Beach Park, the biggest water park of Brazil, that draws a lot of families.