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Get to know Expresso Maringá Bus Company

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Expresso Maringá has over 494 routes that serves the South, Midwest, Southeast and North regions of Brazil. The covered states are: Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Pará and Goiás.


In the year of 1953, the Brothers Okamoto and Motoya Youshimura decided to buy four buses to operate the bus line Maringá x Cruzeiro do Oeste. Covering only one route of 150 kilometers ,Expresso Maringá Bus Company began their operations. Two years later, the bus company started traveling to Campo Mourão as well. Besides being only 90 kilometers away, the route Maringa x Campo Mourão, that today takes only 01h15, took over 5 hours in the past, thanks to the terrible conditions of the road.

Due to the development of coffee-producers cities, the Bus company soon began to operate routes to Umuarama, Londrina, Cascavel and other cities inside Paraná state. In 1974, the company began to operate routes linking these cities to the capital Curitiba. The following year, the company acquired Asa Branca Bus Company and began operating in Mato Grosso do Sul as well.

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The main bus lines operated by the bus company are: Maringá x Presidente Prudente.

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Air conditioning and WC according to the route.

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