Check out the best tourism tips for Brasília and its architectural beauties

Por Claudia Lopes

Brazilian capital is well known for its political questions, but it offers a lot more to its visitors. From the air, the city looks like an airplane. Down there, besides the brilliant architecture, tourist visitors in Brasília can see churches, temples and urban parks. Since 1987, the city is a World Heritage Site and attracts people from all over the world who are interested in tourism in Brasília. The city offers great variety of programs to attract mystic, first-time and culture lover tourists. Checking out all Brasília tourism has to offer Architecture is one of the main attractions for tourism in Brasília. The urbanization project was developed by Lúcio Costa and the construction was made by Oscar Niemeyer; it is the reinvention of the compass rose. The Esplanade of the Ministries cannot be forgotten. There you will find the Metropolitan Cathedral, by Niemeyer, with works by Di Cavalcanti and stained glass that are a sideshow. The Dom Bosco Shrine also has beautiful stained glass windows that form a huge starry sky, which must be visited when sightseeing in Brasília. A good call is to visit the TV Tower by the late and enjoy the amazing sunset. For those who look for culture, three museums house more than 125 thousand Brazilian and foreign coins and banknotes and the largest gold nugget (which weighs 62 kg and came from Serra Pelada); it also holds the world’s largest Portinari collection. As tourist attractions in Brasília are far from each other, it is better to take a taxi. They are available everywhere and there are plenty of them in town.